| 2017 | Video | 33:56 |

“Home is not Home anymore and the other three titles,” is a documented exercise of reenactment and verbal retelling. I had recently visited Turkey and worked on a film retracing my memories of the country where I had lived in a state of limbo, waiting for my US refugee status to be approved. The film was stolen before it was completed. I gathered the only people who had seen the lost film and physically recreated the night it had been screened to them: I made the same food, served the same wine, and hosted the screening in the same apartment. This process prompted the participants to remember the lost film and their criticisms of it. These documented [mis]rememberings and [mis]translations mirror my return to Turkey as captured in the lost work, and act as a metaphor for the fragility of identities and the precarity of migration. Through repetition and unclarity, the film creates an intimate and complicated relationship between me, as the maker, and the participants; who became the subjects of examination, acting as a protective shield between the original work and the audience of the new work.